How to Protect Your Roof During Summer Storms

Summer Storms

Summer storms can wreak havoc on roofs, causing significant damage if not properly prepared. Here are some tips on how to protect your roof and minimize damage during summer storms.

1. Inspect for Loose or Damaged Shingles
Before storm season hits, check your roof for any loose or damaged shingles. Replace or repair them to ensure they won't be ripped off during strong winds.

2. Clean Your Gutters
Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris. This ensures proper drainage and prevents water from backing up and causing leaks or structural damage.

3. Trim Overhanging Branches
Trim any branches that hang over your roof to prevent them from breaking and falling during a storm. This helps avoid potential damage to your roof and reduces the risk of debris clogging your gutters.

4. Secure Loose Items
Make sure to secure or remove any loose items around your home that could become airborne during a storm. These items can cause significant damage if they hit your roof.

5. Schedule a Professional Inspection
Consider having a professional roofer from RoofCrafters inspect your roof before the storm season. They can identify potential weak points and recommend necessary repairs or reinforcements.

By taking these preventative measures, you can protect your roof from summer storm damage and ensure it remains in good condition. Contact Roof Crafters for a professional inspection and any necessary repairs.