Metal Roof Restoration

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

  • Concealed fasteners
  • Snap or mechanically rolled seams
  • Long lasting – from 25 to 75 year life
  • Once leaks develop, the roof can be restored by spraying a new polyurethane foam roof directly over the existing metal roof.

Ribbed Metal Roofs

  • Exposed fasteners with rubber washers
  • Lapped panels
  • Develop problems when rubber washers on screws fail or wind-driven-water enters at seams (usually less than 25 years)
  • Roofs can be repaired with targeted encapsulation of fasteners and seams

Repairing Ribbed Metal Roofs

There are 4 processes Roof Crafters performs when repairing leaky ribbed metal roofs.

  1. Tightening or replacing loose or missing fasteners
  2. Encapsulating fastener heads and washers with elastomeric caulking
  3. Reinforcement fabric embedded in high tensile strenth coating over lateral panel seams
  4. Coating the entire metal roof surface white to prevent thermal expansion and protect metal from rust

This work can be performed at a cost which is typically less expensive than replacing the fasteners. Replacing the fastners alone may not solve roof leaks due to worn screw holes which may have burred or bent openings that wont allow for a proper seating of the new fastener

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