Full Roof Replacement

7 Reasons You Will Love Spray Foam Roofing for Your Next Flat Roof

  • Completely Seamless
  • Longest Lasting Flat Roof System
  • Fills Ponding and Improves Drainage
  • Highly Insulated
  • Self Flashing – Contours around all roof penetrations and transitions
  • No Tear-Off Required – Sprayed directly over existing roof
  • Long-Term, Renewable Warranties

Comparison of Flat Roof Types

Roof Type Thickness Insulation Installation Price Life Span End-of-Life
Spray Foam 1-3″ R-7 per inch sprayed seamless layer over existing roof Contact Us! 30+ Years re-coat of top coat
Asphalt .5″ None torch or “hot mop” rolls $4-6 per s/f 15 Years tear-off
Membrane less than .1″ Inefficient board and fastener screw down; hot-air pressed or adhesive seams $3-5 s/f 10-12 Years tear-off

Reroofing Cost – Lifecycle Cost of a New Roof

There are 6 factors having a major impact on the cost of a new flat roof:

  • Tear-off and disposal cost of old roof
  • Cost to install the new roof (i.e. contract price for re-roofing)
  • Expected life of the new roof
  • Savings from added insulation
  • Duration and coverage of warranty
  • Maintenance or tear-off costs at end-of service life of roof

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