Leak Repair

Flat Roofing Repair Service

If you have a emergency flat roof leak, Roof Crafters provides quality roofing repair service for the following flat roof systems:

  • Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing repair
  • Metal roof repair
  • Asphalt roofing repair
  • Mineral Cap Sheet Roofing repair
  • Built Up Roof (BUR) repair
  • Membrane roof repair
  • Single-Ply roof repair
  • Rubber or EPDM roof repair
  • Gravel ballasted roof repair

Roof Repair Service Goals

  • Rapidly respond to emergency leak repairs to prevent property damage
  • Use precise measurement and leak diagnostic techniques to improve leak detection
  • Use best-practice roofing repair methods
  • Use quality roofing repair materials suited for compatibility with your current roof system
  • Make follow-up phone calls to check on roof performance after storms

Free Roof Leak Repair & Roof Repair Cost

Roof Crafters understands that having a roof leak in the High Sierra or Northern Nevada can come as a surprise and cause stress due to the disruption and costs of leaks and roof repair. We aim to make the costs of your leak repairs transparent:

  • Providing a straight forward estimate of roof repair costs
  • Base our roof repair pricing on clear Time & Material costs
  • Provide guaranteed “not-to-exceed limits” on roofing repair costs
  • Provide detailed reporting about roof repair time, man-hours, and materials employed

Most flat roof leak repairs cost between $125 to $400 depending on roof access, snow or water removal, severity and location of roof leaks, etc. However, Roof Crafters will refund your roof repair costs through our Free Leak Repair Program.

Free Roof Leak Repair Program

We understand that it is frustrating to spend money on roofing repairs only to have to replace the roof the following summer. Roof Crafters is the only roofing company in Reno, Sparks and Carson City who will refund your roof repair costs if you replace the roof within a year.

Here is how the Free Roof Leak Repair Program works:

  1. When you call us to fix a leak, request that we make an evaluation of your flat roof.
  2. If our inspection reveals that your roof should be prioritized for roof replacement we will provide you with a fixed-price proposal for roof replacement.
  3. If you replace the roof within a year of your initial repair, we will credit-back 100% of your repair costs (this includes all further roof repair until the roofing replacement project is finished).

Roof Crafters wants to help you buy time with your leaking flat roof. Don’t delay fixing roof leaks before they cause further damage to building structure and commercial property.

Contact us today at 775-831-4188 to request your Free Roofing Repair!